About Us

Get to Know Us

Because we are here, we do what we do so well that you will want to “taste again and bring a friend!” Turnaround Top is more than just food. Kevin Walkup of Lubbock is employed with Texas Tech University. He is an entrepreneur with ties to the White River Lake community and has bought and renovated the old Turn Around Cafe to become the Turnaround Top Cafe in Spur. In keeping a touch of the previous eatery with its name, Kevin hopes for the new Turnaround Top Cafe to maintain its reputation of serving the best fresh food and being the cleanest store in the region. On the management side, Shawna Little of Lubbock brings years of food management expertise to Turnaround Top Cafe. Growing up, Shawna worked with her parents as they owned and managed a restaurant that put Lubbock on the barbeque scene. Together, Kevin and Shawna aim to keep low prices, heavy weight, and great taste at your hometown Turnaround Top Cafe.

What Makes Us Special

We have the best, bold flavors and excellent hospitality. Cleanliness is a top priority at Turnaround Top Cafe. Our restaurant has low prices, a heavy weight, and great taste. When the Turnaround Cafe in Spur was available for sale, we knew that we had to jump on it and get people back to the nostalgic roots of their hometown cafe. The Turnaround Top Cafe is the hometown cafe of Spur, Texas. In childhood memories of every cook, there is a large kitchen, warm environment, a simmering pot, and loved ones. We believe that food is better when we eat together. Gordon Ramsay once stated, “Kitchens are hard environments, and they form incredibly strong characters.” Like the town of Spur, the tiny house community, and west Texas in general, Turnaround Top Cafe has people of strong character cooking your hometown food. When you eat at Turnaround Top Cafe, you will always want to stay awhile!


202 Burlington Ave, Spur, TX 79370



Monday: 11am - 2pm

Tuesday: 11am - 2pm

Wednesday - Saturday:
11am - 2pm
5pm - 8pm

Sunday: 11am - 2pm